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حيث يمكنك أن تجد سببا آخر لتقع في حب فلسطين - جمالها

where you can find another reason to fall in love with Palestine - it’s beauty !

Israeli Soldier Leaks Accounts of Revenge Attacks Against Civilians by Troops in Gaza - International Middle East Media Center

Eran Efrati reports, “Soldiers in two different units inside Gaza leaked information about the murdering of Palestinians by sniper fire in Shuja’eyya neighborhood as punishment for the death of soldiers in their units. After the shooting on the Israeli armored personnel carriers, which killed seven soldiers of the Golani Brigade, the Israeli army carried out a massacre in Shuja’eyya neighborhood.

 Let’s remember that 120 Palestinians died that night in Shejaia. This was no accident. They weren’t collateral damage. They were the targets.

I can’t watch anymore! 

why would israel bomb a children play park? why? 

10 children were bombed and their last wish was to SWING 

Eid under occupation.

Today is Eid, an Islamic holiday. Usually in Palestine this day is a celebration, you could have seen children everywhere laughing , playing and just simply being children.

The scene is dark everywhere  in Palestine, people wore all balck shirts with statements like ’ we’re all Gaza’ and ’ My Eid is when Gaza gains victory’ . Black balloons instead of toys were in the hands of children in Jerusalem. After Eid prayer , anger marches took place in west bank.

In Gaza , israel don’t really care what day it is today : it’s just another day to kill. israeli war machine just bombed the outside clinics of AlShifaa hospital, the biggest hospital in Gaza and a place where hundreds took shelter in.

At least 10 children were killed when a children park was bombed, a park? you freaking killers

All children!  

A man just said ’ we took the children of the family to play! it Eid!! Eid! they wanted to only swing!’

and the reporter is saying ‘we just saw  bloody children bodies in parts’!!

May the next Eid comes with peace all over the world.
Have a great Eid dear Muslim followers.

Palestinian relatives of Jalila Aiad, who was killed in an Israeli air strike, during her funeral at Alariodhux church in Gaza City.27 July 2014 by Hosam Salem.

I’m posting this not because its so weird that there’s Christian Palestinians but to emphasize the role of them in the Palestinian struggle towards freedom.

Jon Snow recounts the scene in Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, where doctors struggle to treat adults and children wounded by Israeli attacks.

Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and 9 Palestinians were killed in west bank in just one day which proves that israel ‘war’ on Gaza is not about Gaza or Hamas. It is only about killing Palestinians , about an occupation that targets anything or anyone that forms an obstacle of a full colonial control over the land.

The 48,000 march



The 48,000 march on Qalandia is a culmination of the efforts of all Palestinian parties and political groups in Ramallah and its neighboring villages.

We grouped up in front of the Am’ari refugee camp, and from the start it was obvious that this was massive. To be totally honest, we most likely did not reach 48,000 but it was massive.

The main goal of this march was an act of solidarity with Gaza, and to remind the occupation that we are one people. To remind the occupation soldiers that they will never be safe. We were supposed to break through the Qalandia checkpoint and march on Jerusalem. There is also a second point which makes the demonstrations tonight extra important.

I’m sure some of you are aware, that for us, tonight is Laylat Al Qadr, one of the holiest nights of the year for Muslims. It is also tradition that you should pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. So what did the only democracy in the middle east do? It closed down Al-Aqsa, and prevented most people from praying there.

There is usually around 500,000 worshipers in Al-Aqsa at Laylat Al Qadr, tonight, due to Israel, there is only 20,000.

The march itself was a sight to behold, you have people from every political group all walking together and chanting old Palestinian revolutionary songs. It was a point that nobody should bring any flags other than the Palestinian flag. There were so many, it was a sea of red, green, white and black. Everyone was swelling with pride as we poured towards Qalandia, around 6 KM away from where we began.

We ran into trouble very soon. I’m sure if any of you saw the Qalandia checkpoint, you’d know that it is a massive concrete fortress.

Before we even fully arrived at Qalandia, ambulances were already being heard. Israeli soldiers were shooting very very heavily in our direction. There was an abnormally high amount of hits in the waist and above. The first Martyr of the night, Mohammad al-Araj was shot in the head with live ammunition. They are shooting to kill and maim.

There are literally hundreds of injuries, a huge amount of them in critical condition. You will not believe the amount of ambulances buzzing by. You will not believe the amount of blood, the amount of gas, the amount of smoke. The Israelis were spraying bullets everywhere. There was  nowhere for anybody to go.

We were unarmed. I repeat, nobody was armed. There was no threat at all to the soldiers. Unless having rocks thrown at their concrete towers and bunkers is what you’d consider “armed” resistance.

The clashes will continue unto dawn. Not only at Qalandia, brutal clashes have broken out everywhere. Especially Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nablus and Tulkarem. All of Palestine is rattling the chains of its shackles.

We are a people under military occupation. It’s our right, and our duty to resist. Gaza will never stand alone.

I’m so proud!

Situation now in Palestine.

  • israeli occupation is still bombing Gaza , there’s ‘till now 770 killed mostly children and women.
  • In west bank : violent clashes in all cites and at checkpoints , at least 2 killed and more than 300 injured. Occupation is using live ammunition  to stop the angry Palestinians who are protesting the genocide committed against Palestinians in Gaza.
  • Palestinians were prevented from entering AlAqsa mosque; today is considered the holiest night for Muslims in the year. Usually at this time at least half a million worshipers pray in AlAqsa but this year 15000 could only enter . Clashes broke in the city.

It seems that the situation is heading to massive protests against israeli occupation ( Intifada )

An English translation of tweets by @ibn3arbi describing what happened in Khuza’a in Gaza Yesterday (and today):

- Khuza’a is demolished.
- Our homes were bombarded with us inside. All Khuza’a’s homes.
- A lot of the martyrs in Khuza’a bled to death awaiting for help. I watched from the window in my room, for hours, all the stages of death of a 20 year old young man. 
- One doctor in the area, Kamal Abu Rgeila, did his best for the injured who were miraculously arriving at his clinic even after his clinic was bombarded, him being injured and his father killed. 
- The (Israeli) army used about 10 families as human shields against the resistance fire. The residents of all the houses that they took control of were not allowed to leave or move to safer rooms. 
- The house where i took shelter with 50 other men, women and children was bombarded. I miraculously survived with my family but i have no idea about the fare of the others though my shoes were soaked wet with their blood.
- We were able to reach our house under the cover of the dust and smoke of the shelling. A few minutes later the house was targeted with three missiles that set it on fire and i was slightly injured. 
- We unconsciously ran to the street where the scene of destruction was terrifying with shells falling everywhere. We tried to leave the town walking but the helicopters opened machine gun fire at us. 
- Right in front of my eyes a little boy fell from his mother’s arm while she held a white flag in her other hand. The boy died. She used the flag to wrap him and continued her way with the rest of her children. Horror.
- On the road that we took we found the dead bodies of my uncle and his son left there next to their house. The snipers were targeting people’s feet in an attempt to keep them from running away.
- Khuza’a doesn’t have electricity for 60 hours now. The army, and the shrapnel of their bombs, targeted the water tanks on the roof tops of the houses. The children with us cried until they lost consciousness because of thirst.
- The shelling was random, nothing in this world can convince me otherwise
- My cousin was killed while attempting to save his injured brother who was lying helpless in the street. They both died holding each other.
- A guy who was injured in his thigh walked with me for 2 km to the red-cross area and when he arrived i heard him crying “may god help us against Israel and Egypt and the red-cross and God himself”.
- The situation was tragic and terrifying and any attempt to put it into words is meaningless and silly and doesn’t do this massacre justice. My folks and i came out alive but i have no explanation as to how or why. 
- All these death and injuries are among those who stayed back who are about 3000 people. 70% of the residents of Khuza’a already fled and evacuated their homes the night before the massacre. 
- Until now there are dead bodies in the street. Until now there are injured who are waiting for their doom. Until now there are people who are stuck and can’t leave.

israel be like :

*hey we will bomb your house go out to a safe place*

bombs it in less than 58 seconds 

*hey we will bomb your house go out to a safe place *

bombs them while going out in the street

*hey we will bomb your house go out to a safe place*

bombs the safe place : hospitals, churches ,mosques even the UN schools that hundreds took shelter in.

Here’s What Gaza Explosions Look Like From Space : Astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted the image Tuesday, calling it his “saddest photo yet” 

Here’s What Gaza Explosions Look Like From Space : Astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted the image Tuesday, calling it his “saddest photo yet” 


Hey so, remember that UN school that all the displaced Gazans fled to for shelter?

Israel just bombed it.

Dozens dead so far, nobody is sure just how many.

What are you going to say now? That the bloody UNRWA was firing rockets at Israel?