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حيث يمكنك أن تجد سببا آخر لتقع في حب فلسطين: جمالها

  • If Palestinians should have learn a lesson or whatever from the awful Sabra and Shatila massacre is to never give up your defense weapon, NEVER.

    After the resistance groups left the refugee camps in Lebanon the result was thousands of corpus scattered around.

    Another lesson was should be learnt which is isolating the leadership that period but the impacts of letting it rule -till this day- is just unbearable any more.

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  • thepalestineyoudontknow:

    Old Palestinian poster about Sabra and Shatila massacre : “despite the massacres , we are born again”

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    Details from around AL-Aqsa mosque in Palestine by Nour ilayan.

    This collection shows the great Islamic architecture of the buildings inside the mosque - including the Dome of the Rock which was constructed by the order of  Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik  - even in the smallest details . 

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  • itsyourmomma:


    First day of school in Gaza Sep 14th,2014.

    School was delayed in Beit Hanoun because people is taking shelter in schools as they lost their houses were destroyed in the recent israeli attack on Gaza. The school plan is about outside class rooms activities to help children get over the psychological trauma after war .

    Children prayed for their dead friends and put up their names instead of the place they should have be using is school.

    Can we also talk about how students in southern Israel couldn’t even leave bomb shelters while Hamas rained rockets down on them?
    I’m not blaming Gaza or saying any of this is okay. I’m blaming Hamas for shooting rockets from civilian homes and UN buildings. I’m blaming Hamas for the rockets that were aimed at Israel and landed in Gaza territory. I’m
    Blaming Hamas for the ongoing war in the Middle East.

    omg I am sick of the people who are reblogging this post with this kind of non-sense . I am not about to describe how idiot this is or even inhuman to say this about children - though I would love to- but I will provide a link to Human rights watch report :Israel: In-Depth Look at Gaza School Attacks and I quote :

    "Three Israeli attacks that damaged Gaza schools housing displaced people caused numerous civilian casualties in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today. In the first in-depth documentation of the violations, Human Rights Watch investigated the three attacks, which occurred on July 24 and 30, and August 3, 2014, and killed 45 people, including 17 children.”

    “Israel has offered no convincing explanation for these attacks on schools where people had gone for protection and the resulting carnage.”

    "In addition to these three unlawful attacks, Israeli ground forces reportedly occupied at least one school in Gaza, the Beit Hanoun secondary school for boys, leaving behind bullet casings and rations.”

    "There have been no allegations that the three schools that Human Rights Watch investigated were being used for military purposes."

    “Israel should go beyond sweeping justifications and provide detailed explanations for its attacks in and around these three schools housing hundreds of displaced people,” Abrahams said. “And it should end its practice of impunity by punishing those who violate the laws of war.”

    also please read the detailed accounts of the three attacks on schools in the same report.

    I think that at the time of this social network revolution you should really go beyond the propaganda provided to and its so easy unless you just want to believe that shit you hear.

    Also, Palestinian resistance -including Hamas- signed a paper demanding the Palestinian president to go to international courts but of course what can a traitor like Abbas do but not going : Is the PA stalling Gaza war crimes probe?

    anyway , Palestinians said that they will take full responsibility if it was proven they violated war laws not like others (maybe like Israel  that has a long record of failing to undertake credible investigations into  war crimes)

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  • Palestinian prisoners in the past few months.

    Samer Issawi , who had the longest hunger strike , was rearrested along with his sister Shireen and his brother Medhat . All three spent years at israeli jails.

    In addition, an estimated 52 former prisoners released during the October 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner swap agreement have been rearrested, 

    Also , Khader Adnan was rearrested. Adnan was the first prisoner to hunger strike and considered a hero.

    Thousands were detained during a massive Israeli military campaign across the West Bank in the past months.Before the campaign there were already more than 5000 Palestinian prisoners in israeli jails who consider themselves as war prisoners .

    Prisoners are put through hard conditions , a relative of mine who is about 15 was detained. He said that tens of people are put in a small room and I was hit so hard when I refused to eat a candy that the officer offered me , I thought that the candy contained a drug so I refused to eat it. Never mention the way of arrests: night raids accompanied with wide destruction of the houses.

    Palestinian Raed al-Jabari, 35, died after being tortured while in Israeli prison custody.

    See: Israel jailed influential Palestinian writer “to remove him from society”

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  • On spotlight

    • Palestinian prisoners : israel have detained thousands in the past few months including children and put them in some difficult conditions inside the prison , Raid Al Ja’bari lost his life because of torture few days ago.

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  • AlJazeera just had a call with a Palestinian in a boat that is about to completely drown in sea close to Italy shores and the line was cut off .

    in the past days , 15 Palestinians from Gaza including children died in sea close to Egypt.

    I don’t know what can I do to help those in the boat now but hope you can, call somebody in Italy who can help if you are there.

    I am not about to discuss the reasons and if its okey to be so desperate to emigrate to Europe after war or the people who take advantage of that kind of depression but there’s people who are about to die..

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  • The top photo is for Sara after her injury in AlShejaia massacre committed by israel . The bottom one is for her in the first day of school Sep 14th,2014. By AlRa’y Agency.

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  • First day of school in Gaza Sep 14th,2014.

    School was delayed in Beit Hanoun because people is taking shelter in schools as they lost their houses were destroyed in the recent israeli attack on Gaza. The school plan is about outside class rooms activities to help children get over the psychological trauma after war .

    Children prayed for their dead friends and put up their names instead of the place they should have be using is school.

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  • Aerial views of Gaza before and after the israel attack.

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  • Qaraqe said the autopsy did not find any signs of bruising around al-Jabari’s neck and that the main cause of death was bleeding and concussion likely to have been caused by blows to the head.

    The victim also had bruising on his face and lips.

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  • "I’m Momen . A Palestinian photojournalist .. 27 years old. 
    In 2008, I lost my two legs by Israeli airplanes while I was doing my work!
    In 2014, I lost my house by the same enemy.
    No one can expect what else they might lose every time!”

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  • Palestinians carry the body of Eissa al-Qotri during his funeral at the Al-Amari refugee camp near the West Bank city of Ramallah, September 10, 2014. Al-Qotri was killed by the Israeli army early on September 10, 2014 during clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers after the Israeli army raided the camp. (photo: Faiz Abu Rmeleh/Activestills)

    His wedding was supposed to be next week.

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  • An official at the Muslim cemetery there told AFP that the grisly find happened on Wednesday when ground subsided as builders carried out renovation work.

    In 1948 Jaffa was a Palestinian town but there was an exodus of most of its Arab population when it fell to the fledgling Israeli army and right-wing Jewish militias

    Researcher and historian Mahmoud Obeid, a Jaffa resident, told As-Safri newspaper: ‘We discovered six mass graves, two of which we dug up. Our estimate is that they contain around 200 bodies, with an unknown additional number in the other graves. 

    'The remains belong to people of different ages, including women, children and the elderly, some of which bear signs of violence.'

    A local fisherman Atar Zeinab, 80, said that as a teenager during the final months of fighting in 1948 he helped to collect the Arab dead in the area south of Jaffa.

    They were then brought for a quick burial in the cemetery, the area’s main graveyard.

    'I carried to the cemetery 60 bodies during a period of three or four months,' he told AFP. 'We used to find the people in the street and most of the time we didn’t know who they were.'

    He said that the danger of being hit by flying bullets or grenade fragments was such that bodies were dumped one on top of the other in existing family crypts in the cemetery, contrary to Muslim custom.

    'We carried them early in the morning or in the night. We put women, children and men in the same place… nobody prayed for these people.

    In 1950 Jaffa was incorporated into Tel Aviv, and was renamed Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It now a mixed Arab and Jewish population.

    Around 760,000 Palestinians fled or were forced from their homes in the Israeli-Arab war of 1948.

    small part of how israel was established over dead Palestinian bodies .

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  • nowinexile:

    Israeli forces detain 7-year-old Palestinian boy in Hebron

    This morning in occupied Hebron, a seven-year-old was forcefully detained and three more were arrested including another child by Israeli occupation soldiers. VIDEO

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