The Palestine you don't know

حيث يمكنك أن تجد سببا آخر لتقع في حب فلسطين - جمالها

where you can find another reason to fall in love with Palestine - it’s beauty !

Protest in support  of more than 2,000 Prisoner on hunger strike, in front of Ofer prison [May, 1, 2012].

(photos by Bahaa Nasser , Fadi Arouri, Hudaifa Srour and Wafa )

  • Today is the 16th day of Palestinian prisoners’ mass hunger strike
  • BilalDiab and ThaerHalahleh are on their 65th day of hunger strike
  • Hassan Safadi is on day 59 of hunger strike and OmarAbuShalal is on day 57 of hunger strike .